Office Relocation IT Support in United Arab Emirates

Moving an office and subsequent IT relocation is not simple. Moving entire servers and systems to a different location can take a lot of time and resources that your business may not be able to afford. At IT Solution, we have the knowledge and experience to relocate your entire IT infrastructure without breaking a sweat. We have completed a number of successful IT relocation projects and will ensure that all of your networks and systems are functional the first day in the new location.

Our IT relocation team will be with you every step of the way and will be on hand to offer solutions for emergency cases. Our main aim would be to relocate your entire IT infrastructure with minimum downtime and disruptions in productivity in your current business location. In other words, during the move, your team will still have:

  • Direct access to their work emails
  • No issues communicating with remote workers via solid and reliable remote access
  • Access to your main business website.

We Support

  • Coordinating and provisioning internet connections
  • Managing downtime to ensure smooth and consistent business operations
  • Examine the new location to eliminate any issues
  • Inventorying each system and providing a detailed report
  • Testing software, hardware, workstation, and server connectivity
  • Dealing with involved vendors during the relocation (such as ISPs)

We Offer

  • IT Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Structured Cabling Services
  • Server room setup

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Cell +971 54 355 4668

We Provide all IT services under  ISO 9001, 18801,14001,27001 Protocols.

B2 is dedicated to provide our clients with the top-notch service, and this includes certain aspects not related directly to IT. For example, if the appearance of your company’s office front has a high importance to your business, we are prepared to make necessary adjustments when implementing new network solutions. Our computer network projects may be modified to conform to the general design and decoration plan, if that is important to our client.

B2 is specialized to provides IT services in non urban area where specially new construction sites are open. We are specialized to provide IT services for new setup of temporary site offices and we provide 24 x 7 continues IT services so our clients can perform their office work without having any problem as regarding of network, internet , printing, and file sharing etc